It Gets Better

I will soon be making a video for the It Gets Better project and I will post it here when it is done. For those who don’t know what the It Gets Better project is or for those who want to get involved, go to

Dear Mother

No I’m not confused…

No it’s not a phase…

Please stop thinking this

It hurts that you still believe it..

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David Kato honored as a fallen hero

I’m posting the link but this guy was killed february of last year for speaking out against Uganda’s LGBT bill

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No Name-Calling Week

Decided to make this to hold over till next week

So No Name-Calling Week is almost here (January 21-25) and people need to be informed of this week and what it’s about. James Howe wrote a book called “The Misfits” that was about 4 friends that try to survive 7th grade in the midst of bullying and name calling. During student council elections, they decide to make the No-Name Party as a new political party in the school. In the end, they win the support of the principal for their cause and a No Name-Calling Day at the school.

Motivated by this book and its message, the No Name-Calling Week Coalition, consisting of over 40 national partner organizations, actually organized a No Name-Calling Week in schools everywhere. This is now an annual practice and if you have a GSA in your school, you should definitely try to get this to happen as well if it isn’t already. 

If you would like to learn more about this week and find out about other GSA events, click here 

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I won’t be posting until next week so I’ll see you guys then! :D

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Anonymous said: I want your babies

My gayness will resist your straight temptations :3

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For Future Reference

I’m planning to make this a rather periodic blog so check back regularly for updates ^_^

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The Passing of Jeanne Manford

On January 9th, the founder of PFLAG passed away. PFLAG is an organization that was founded in 1972 by the act of a mother supporting her gay son. The acronym PFLAG actually means Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. The cool thing about this organization is that they advance their goal through equality and the problem with some organizations nowadays is that they don’t always promote equality for things that they don’t believe in. Wether this organization does the same in other categories that some organizations fall down in remains to be seen.

More information on this organization can be found here.

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